76 hour Money Back Guarantee

Bolles Chrysler Dodge Jeep offers a Money Back Guarantee on Used Vehicles it delivers to retail customers. Below are the details of this offer.  This agreement supersedes any verbal commitments and promises made.

Vehicle can be returned for any reason within 76 hours of original delivery day and must be returned during normal business hours.  Customer is responsible for calling Bolles Sales Manager for an appointment to return vehicle prior to the 76 hours.

Vehicle must be returned with less than 300 miles added to the odometer and be in sames condition it was delivered.  Any physical damage is responsibility of customer and costs to restore vehicle will be deducted from amount owed to customer.

The amount to be returned is based on the actual sale price of vehicle.  Any fees paid on behalf of customer to DMV, state or other entity will be the responsibility of the customer to apply for refund.

If a trade-in is involved and the car is still available, then Bolles will make an effort to return the vehicle to customer.  If trade in has been disposed of, Bolles will return the actual cash value of vehicle as written on the bill of sale less any amount due finance company.

Customer agrees to consider other vehicles on the lot which may be more suitable than vehicle being returned.
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