Two Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On

Assume that you are driving down the road on a pretty day enjoying all the beautiful sights when you suddenly glance down, and you see that your check engine light is on. Do not fear as the most common reasons for this light to come on are easily repaired. You do, however, want to see our service department very soon.

Oxygen Sensor

Commonly called the O2 sensor, this part makes sure that your car is getting the right combination of fuel and air. Replacing it is usually inexpensive. Not doing so, however, may cost you plenty in reduced fuel mileage and sluggish performance.

Faulty Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

High temperatures under the car’s hood makes it hard for the spark plugs and ignition coils to keep performing properly, so they wear out over time. Most vehicles have standard copper spark plugs that need to be replaced about every 15,000 miles. When you come to see our service department ask them about the different types of spark plugs and which are beneficial to your vehicle. The great news is that our service department is able to fix both of these problems quickly and easily. Come see us today at Bolles Chrysler Dodge Jeep!

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