One Reason Jeep Drivers in Enfield Need Four-Wheel Drive

One of the aspects Jeep is known to provide in its SUVs is the capability to adapt to the unexpected. Every model, from Jeep Cherokee to Wrangler, is selling adventure. Many Jeep drivers enjoy living outdoors and off road. This compels Jeep to design most models with more than one four-wheel drive option to ensure that Connecticut drivers are always safe and ready to tackle any obstacle in their way.

When you shop our Jeep inventory in Stafford Springs you'll notice most models include four-wheel drive, but why? We'll share why four-wheel drive is a big advantage when it comes to giving Stafford drivers the freedom to go where they please on or off road.

Tough or Tame Terrain Won't Stop You

There are some types of terrain that some vehicles struggle to or simply cannot navigate through. But with a Jeep that has four-wheel drive, that troublesome mud or scary snow won't stand a chance. Most models have a securely covered electrical system, high air intake and skid plates that protect the SUV's undercarriage. The protective frame design and sturdy axles are also beneficial when you're dealing with unpredictable road conditions.

Many four-wheel drive systems come with brake lock differentials and other forms of traction control management that make Jeep especially keen on gripping the terrain they're battling - be it gravel, ice or rocks. This will allow Hartford and Enfield drivers to take their Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler to places where other vehicles just aren't able to go.

It's no surprise that Jeep has worked continuously on improving its four-wheel drive systems for decades. Having the ability to venture off-road is what makes Jeeps unique. Whatever model matches you best will have at least one option for four-wheel drive. While each system differs slightly, they all strive to achieve the same goal: keeping you safe when you're on an adventure away from your Springfield home.

Are you ready to experience just how capable our Jeep Compass or Renegade is? Drive on down from Longmeadow, and we'll happily get you set up with the model of your choice. Don't put off starting your own adventure any longer. Visit us today.

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